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Loss Capture™ Solutions offer your company several options. Whether you are looking to fill gaps or replace your entire system or operations Loss Capture has a solution for you...

LC Company Overview

How we help our clients become more efficient, build strong customer relationships and save money

LC Product Connect

Just need to be Mobile…then Loss Capture Mobile Is right for you. An all in one Mobile solution that allows a self service options at your customers Finger tips

LC Product Mobility

Our guide to helping you understand our core business and how we can help you…

LC Product Suite

One solution to handle all your software needs. Loss Capture Suite is a SaaS that has you covered

LC Product Analytics

Live Streaming Audio and Video that puts you On Scene from your desk. A streaming collaboration tool that allows you to control the data capture to enable you to make the most informed decisions

LC Product Brief

A robust reporting system that allows you and your Team the ability to aggregate and compile the data you need in the format you want

Our Videos

Select from one of the videos below to see how easy but yet sophisticated Loss Capture can make your company

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