Have you ever wished FOR a Claims System that…

  • Could improve your efficiencies?
    LossCapture™ controls workflows that reinforce best practices to maximize productivity
  • Could help settle claims faster?
    LossCapture™ utilizes mobile technology and automation reducing traditional settlements times
  • Could collect better information?
    LossCapture™ provides the tools for you and your customers to collect the data that matters most
  • Could improve the customer experience?
    LossCapture™ automates communication giving your customers a “World Class” experience
  • Could make your operation virtual & mobile?
    LossCapture™ provides you with the most modern tech available today

Wish no More!

Loss Capture™ is an innovative claims administration and collaboration platform built for the claims industry by claims professionals.

A disruptive technology that is built for today’s modern world. A Mobile,cloud-based system Loss Capture™ provides significant operational savings for auto and property insurance, fleet and municipal industry clients.

Unlike technology only solutions, Loss Capture™ offers a hybrid model for claims servicing that frees our clients from the challenges of labor burden, technology adoption and is a proven solution that delivers immediate positive impact to their bottom line.

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